L-Studio Pro

L-Studio Pro is a standard definition video editing system. Supports analog CVBS and YC formats as well. Two modes of operation are implemented. One is Real-Time with delay <= 2 frames including input frame synchronization. In this mode simple 2D effects and filters are supported. In the second mode (Non-RT) system use 3D engine based on GPU as renderer. It allows to use sophisticated 3D scenes and transitions. Delay in this mode is about 8 frames. System is integrated with PC machine in one 4U size robust body.

L-Studio Pro – quick facts:
Multichannel SD audio/video editing system.

CVBS, YC, Tally, Audio, FireWire

Altera StratixIIGX, DDR2 memory, Analog ADV7181C, ADV7393, Connexant CX23416, PLXTech PEX8632, Texas XIO2200, 12 – layers PCB