Smart Key Pro 4K


We are looking for partners interested in using our solutions in their products. Numerous comparative tests with the world leaders in keying solutions show that the quality and speed of our solution can more than satisfy professional TV broadcasters.

As the authors of the solution, which we developed from scratch, we are in a position to adapt our technology for any hardware or software platform the client may have. We are especially interested in offering our solution as an OEM supplier. Our offer is addressed to the manufacturers of quality hardware or software products who value the quality and speed of chromatic keying.

Keying parameter setting as simple as can be

Setting the keying parameters in sophisticated keying devices is no easy matter. In our solution, we’ve deployed a break-through method of parameter setting in six simple steps, with a special wizard that guides the user through the process. In consequence, even a relatively inexperienced user can set the optimal keying parameters, with outstanding results. Setting the keying parameters becomes as simple as possible. To obtain excellent keying quality it’s necessary to ensure proper scene lighting and good-quality signal from the camera. The full potential is available for high-resolution formats (HD, 2K, 4K), but very good results are achieved even for low-resolution SD signal.

Strength founded on an algorithm

The core component of our key is an algorithm that has been developed by HDP Media for several years. Years of optimization efforts have allowed us to achieve exceptional processing speed without compromising excellent image quality.

The keying time for a resolution of 1080i50 is within 0.7 ms. Such a good result implemented in a GPU version makes it possible to launch the multichannel keying algorithm in a single graphics card with quite a lot of the unit’s processing power left for virtual scene creation or other image processing tasks. The use of multichannel keying opens up new possibilities in such television applications as sports coverage or a virtual studio while reducing the cost of the entire system, which thus adds a new, economic dimension.

In our portfolio, there are finished implementations of our solution, both as software solutions for Windows and Linux systems using GPUs and as stand-alone hardware platforms based on Altera’s field-programmable gate array (FPGA) units, which make it possible to perform keying without the computer.

An advanced technology solution

Our chromatic key solution makes it possible to achieve a high-quality keying effect both for green and for blue background as well as for two-colour background used in some tracking solutions. The key works with all video formats: SD, HD, 3 Gb/s, 2K and 4K.

6 simple steps to adjust key parameters:


Limiting the mask area


Selecting key colour and setting transparent areas


Adjusting opaque areas


Removing key colour spill (DeSpill)


Mask - edge adjustments


Additional post-keying adjustments